stephen koch

software engineer


It all started back in 2013 when we were looking for design ideas for our kid's room. I'd found Swissted and we decided to incorporate that into the room by getting some posters.

I forget what we started out with but we'd gotten a book and some frames and pulled 5 or so out and that was that. They were part of the decor from then on and have moved with us ever since. They still line our walls however we've not swapped them out since we last moved.

Code Challenge

Then over Thanksgiving break in 2019 I had an idea: what would it take to create these in CSS?

swissted - the crowd

With some free time, I began to explore which then blossomed into a full fledged project. I was slightly obsessed and I began cranking out poster after poster. That finally led me to reorganizing and landing on the current presentation. All told I finished 19 of them with a "credits" poster for Mike Joyce.


On the todo list would be to get Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk however Helvetica gets it done ... and it's $500. That and to have a conversation with Mike (about that Jawbox show) and wouldn't it be great to get the actual color values? As is, I'm using the Digital Color Meter included with the Mac to find values.

swissted - jawbreaker