stephen koch

software engineer


I'm coming out of a period where health played a huge part. Not only mine, but my family. Frankie had her appendix removed. Betty had strep. I came down with COVID (remember that shit?) for the first time, and following on the heels of that I had a wisdom tooth extracted.

I don't feel any less wise.

And in there, somewhere, my cousin had a heart attack (he's fine now).

So I'm quite happy to be over all that and feel like it's been a rough 3-4 weeks.


Starting to use passkeys and while initially it seems slightly confusing it's actually quite brilliant. With 2FA you need a thing you know (password - the first factor) and a thing you have (phone - the second factor). As the 1Password team says in the above linked article

You authenticate with your biometric information or device passcode, and everything else happens behind the scenes, like that.

Bonus: you can have multiple passkeys in different places (1Password, a security key, Google, etc).

I've also been getting into creating Contentful apps. The most recent one uses a library to scrape a url/page for Open Graph data and use that data within Contentful. Another allows users to search Getty Images, choose a photo, select the resolution to then add to the Contentful Media Library.

That was rad to build.


Betty turned 10. A decade. Frankie is nearly healed 100%. Another week of staying out of gym class and she'll be right as rain. Winter is around the corner -- wood was delivered.

And the big news is that in the midst of all the above, we managed to close on a house in the Poconos. Something we've been working on for a while now and we made it happen. A vacation home. A place to go whenever we want. I still cannot believe it's true.