stephen koch

software engineer

San Juan

We went to Puerto Rico from March 3rd through March 8th. None of us had ever gone and since Hawaii was cancelled we wanted a quick beach getaway.

We stayed in Condado which, if you know, is quite touristy. Easy with the kids plus Nik's mom and sister joined us and this was the quick and easy solution. We were in the Marriott which has a couple of pools with a slide for the kids (not gonna lie, I also enjoyed) as well as direct beach access.

We explored Old San Juan one of the days and it reminded me how much I like to explore a new city. I would have liked to have stayed longer but alas kids get tired after 5 hours of exploration. It does give me hope that we'll be able to go to Europe with them soon!

They were troopers.

the explorers
transito blue
transito red
happy happy joy joy
do not despair
keep me away from the pigeons
cat graffiti
oh hai
rough seas
they won't remember the flag of puerto rico