stephen koch

software engineer

Hello, world!

This is the initial commit with Sanity. The purpose of this exercise is to potentially move from Contentful to Sanity.


This is not something I keep up with, but constantly like to jot things down. But I don't. But then I do.

The first iteration, if I recall, was using Prismic. I was doing a side project and wanted to learn so naturally, I needed a test ground.

Then I got into Markdown, specifically MDX. I was fascinated by this and began creating my own scripts to generate posts via CLI. This was fun, for sure, however it began to break down when I kept iterating on the CLI aspect and not the content creation. Maybe I'll add fold some of the learnings here.


And finally I've had a Contentful account since the beginning. It's been stagnant since the side project I was using it for is no longer, so here we are; a free (legacy) account that I can use as a CMS instead. This also gives me the opportunity to learn more about migrations on Contentful as well as managing multiple environments.

Now we shall see if Sanity will replace Contentful. At the very least, I will learn about Sanity.


  • NextJS
  • Sanity
  • CSS modules

Away we go.