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software engineer

AQI Readings for 19145

Observed: 2024-06-20 @ 3:00

PM2.5: 31


O3: 26



This simple tool shows the latest AQI measurements from the AirNow API. It is intended as a quick look at a zipcode and uses a distance of 25 miles (radius).

From AirNow:
“The U.S. Air Quality Index, or AQI, is EPA's tool for communicating daily air quality. It uses color-coded categories and provides statements for each category that tell you about air quality in your area, which groups of people may be affected, and steps you can take to reduce your exposure to air pollution. It's also used as the basis for air quality forecasts and current air quality reporting.”


Categories with ranges and colors for context:

0 - 50 | Good

51 - 100 | Moderate

101 - 150 | Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

151 - 200 | Unhealthy

201 - 300 | Very Unhealthy

301 - 500 | Hazardous

The EPA developed the AQI, which reports levels of ozone, particle pollution, and other common air pollutants on the same scale. An AQI reading of 101 corresponds to a level above the national air quality standard - the higher the AQI rating, the greater the health impact.